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Victoria Koopman is a dedicated yoga student, instructor and believer that health can be found through movement. Victoria’s yoga journey started out casually in 2014 as she began to explore many different yoga practices to release tension and stress and add more physical movement into her daily adult life. Her childhood spent as a dance student lent an easy transition into yoga and Victoria quickly picked up the movement skills necessary. Yet, the demands of life kept Victoria from practicing consistently until 2018 when she embarked on a journey to health to aid in chronic pain management and to develop finer self-care and mental health habits, driving Victoria to realize she needed to make a major life change and leading her into Yoga Union’s 2019 200-hour teacher training. Amid her initial 200-hour training, Victoria also completed Yoga Union co-owner Annie Adamson’s Primal Vinyasa teacher training, to further up level the skills and movement practices Victoria can offer as a yoga instructor. 

Victoria approaches yoga with excitement and vigor. She is inspired deeply by the teachings and wisdoms found within the yoga community, ancient yogic texts, as well as anatomy and functional movement, driving her to continually study deeply to further her knowledge regularly. Victoria hopes to teach students new skills to use while on their mats and outside the yoga studio. Victoria believes in an inner wisdom inherent in our physical bodies and aims to bring this innate wisdom back to life.

In her spare time, Victoria can be found adventuring in the Pacific Northwest with her new husband, being a mom to their three fur babies, and reading a good book.


You can also find Victoria in the Yoga Union yoga studio, teaching weekly classes at Yoga Union. For more information about Victoria Koopman, head over to: You can also find Victoria on Instagram:

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