When we are experiencing physical ailments we see our doctor or healthcare practitioner. When our troubles are emotional or mental, we seek help from counselors or psychologists. And when we are experiencing energetic or spiritual imbalances these difficulties can be met on the same level through energy healing. Often an issue will arise first in the energy body, where, unfortunately, it is easiest to ignore. If treatment isn’t received, it can move into the mental emotional realm, where it whispers a little more loudly. If the concern is not dealt with, it can manifest physically, where it will shout until it is resolved. Energy work is not in conflict with other traditional health care modalities, but rather works to support them through holistic healing. Likewise, though energy work and shamanic healing can be spiritual, it is in no way denominational or in conflict with any other religious beliefs. The practitioner works at an energetic plane, transcending time and space, to channel healing at a profound level, where resolution for past traumas and issues can occur at the core. This opens the client up to new heights of health, happiness, focus, vitality, and empowerment, where infinite possibilities exist. Through intuition and a deep understanding the practitioner can manipulate and influence blocked energy and patterns, to release causes of dis-ease and restore a sense of balance.


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