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Jamie Busch



Jamie believes that when we can be inspired and encouraged to become curious about how our own mind and body functions in versatility (while in the midst of illness/injury, as well as optimized health), that we have the greatest opportunities to learn more about our deeper selves.  Movement in unison to mindfulness, carries us through not just specific activities we choose to participate in to ‘stay in good health,’ but also through the routines of our daily lives where our conscious choices and decisions, and unexpected life experiences have the greatest impact on our well being.  We each carry the experience of life in an unique way, and our bodies tell the story when we are reminded to listen in wholeness.  


Jamie is honored to join Prema Health, as an apprentice Holistic Yoga Therapist™.  She works collaboratively with her clients to inspire presence and healing using breathing techniques, functional alignment and posture, assessment and awareness of daily movement, strength building and recovery, joint stabilizing techniques, self care, and self inquiry/intuition practices.   


Jamie holds a Bachelor of Liberal Arts Degree in Political Science and Psychology from Iowa State University, of Ames IA.   She completed her first 500-hour training in 2009, with Madeline Huish, of the Yoga Shala (Portland, OR).  She also completed a 200-hour training in 2010, with Tiffany Cruikshank (Portland, OR).  Jamie also participated in portions of a 200-hour training offered by Yoga Union owner, Annie Adamson, in 2016.  Most recently, Jamie completed a 300-hour Yoga Therapy Training in 2017, inspired and led by Annie Adamson, of Yoga Union.  Jamie also holds a Personal Training Certificate through the National Association of Sports Medicine.  She has taken countless other trainings and certifications over the years, and honors many teachers and practitioners who have supported her own commitment to healing and growth.


You can also find Jamie in the yoga studio, teaching occasional classes at Yoga Union.  She also currently teaches at People’s Yoga and Drishti.  For more information about Jamie Busch, go to: jamiebuschyoga.com.  You can also find her on Instragram at time4u2breathe.

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