Kate Smith and Winter Pemberton


As co-owners of Prema Health,  Winter and Kate’s highest intention is to create and hold a space that feels like a home for practitioners and clients to collaberate, learn, and grow.  It is their foundational belief that a high quality of living is created by mindful health practices and natural medicine.  With this understanding, Winter and Kate have brought together a team of highly skilled and inspired healers who believe in collaboration and continued education to support the healing of their clients.  Both Winter and Kate have their private practices within Prema Health. Winter practices movement, yoga, and massage therapy. Kate practices Naturopathic medicine, Holistic Pelvic Care (tm), and yoga. When not at "work”, both Winter and Kate enjoy spending time with their children and husbands, listening to music and dancing their hearts out. 

Prema Health is located in the Breathe Building


2305 SE 50th Ave. Suite 200

Portland, OR 97215

phone: 503-946-8605

fax: 503-719-5217

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