Winter Pemberton is the founder of Age Rebel, and co-owner of both Prema Health and

Untamed Women Travel. Harnessing her own radical authenticity Winter combines a deep

knowledge of the human body with conscious living practices to guide others towards utilizing

lifestyle as medicine.

Winter is an inspirational badass. Creating Age Rebel from the deep desire to bring new

definitions of female aging into public knowledge. Combining scientific research with an innate

knowledge of the body, Age Rebel is increasing awareness of our unceasing vitality. Winter is

working to remind us all that our value is not age based, and neither is our access to a healthy

strong physical self.

Opening Prema Health, in Portland, Oregon, has allowed Winter to bring like minded

practitioners together to create a truly holistic healing center. Prema is where Winter works

hands on with clients through massage, personal training, and conscious living education. She

will hold your hand and be your fearless guide as you walk down the path of healing.

Winter’s newest venture Untamed Women Travel is a reminder of the value of deep

supportive connections between women, and the expansive nature of travel. Created with close

friend Annie Adamson, Untamed Women Travel utilizes Winters genuinely excited nature, and

gift of inspiration to bring fun and freedom to these playful adventures.

Academic background includes a B.S. in Exercise and Movement Sciences as well as

licenses in Personal Training and Massage Therapy. Additionally Winter holds certifications as a

Holistic Yoga Therapist TM , Primal Vinyasa Ambassador, and Holistic Pelvic Care TM practitioner.

Check out for Winter’s current offerings. An online classroom will be

launching the Summer of 2020!

Insurance Companies Winter Pemberton participates with:​​

  • MODA

  • Bluecross/Anthem (Regence)

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The modalities in Winter's TISSUE REHAB tool box include:

Personal Training and Take Home Self Care:

My greatest hope is that my clients will come to need me less as they learn how to take care of themselves.  One of the biggest gifts of offering healing through bodywork and movement, is feeling and sensing one’s own capabilities of care and action. I encourage this insight through teaching self massage, functional movement, as well as, mindfulness and meditations techniques that can be developed and used while simply living life.

Traditional Thai Massage and Medicine:  

I have studied traditional Thai medicine extensively for 10 years. Thai medicine is similar to Chinese medicine in that it is based on an elemental theory. This means that the entire medical model is formed around seeing, knowing, and working with the elements found in both nature and our bodies; earth, water, fire, wind, and space.  To know nature is to know the human body because they are one in the same.  Through this tradition, I learned the arts of working the energy lines of the body, deep tissue massage, stretching, cupping, scraping, and meditation..   


Fascial Restructuring Massage:

Fascia is newer term in anatomy and physiology. The new findings about this body system are changing the way we see the body and movement. From the work of explorers like Tom Myers and Gil Hedley, I have been inspired to study and practice understanding and manipulating this system for profound change.   The body can actually be reshaped by coupling manual manipulation of the fascia with intentional change in movement patterns.

Visceral/Abdominal Massage:

Your core is truly your center.  In our culture, we are taught to flatten and  harden this area, when in fact it needs to be supple, mobile, and flowing. In my 20 years of work, I have found that most of my clients have benefitted from abdominal massage at some point in their journey with me.  This work can focus on specific organs, fascial tissue, and/or muscle tissue. The touch and approach used is very gentle and intentional.

Therapeutic Breast Massage:

When there is a clear understanding of how tissue works and stays healthy, it is easy to see that breast tissue needs help when it is regularly casted and compressed by a bra for lengthy periods of time.  If you can visualize what a limb looks like after being in a cast for weeks to help heal a broken bone, you can then begin to understand what wearing a bra does to tissue. Both blood and lymph flow is regularly cut off or slowed, and the tissue around the the chest and back are not allowed to develop a relationship with gravity. Breast massage therapy can help.  Breast massage increases circulation, helps breasts maintain their shape, and helps to reduce the incidence of fibroids and cysts.  Breast massage therapy also provides relief from pain and stress associated with pre-menstrual syndrome.  It can actually eliminate pain in the chest and strengthen the chest muscles, building resilience in your ligaments. It is also recommended to aid post-surgical recovery.


Holistic Pelvic Care™:

As a young adult, I was taught that the pelvic area was important for sex and child bearing, but not much more.   It was like a part of myself was awakened when I read “Wild Feminine” by Tami Kent.  She spoke the words that lay dormant in my heart.  I have always intuited that the pelvic bowl is where my creativity and power rests.  The work I do, springing from studying with Tami Kent, has given voice to that knowing.  Holistic Pelvic Care™personally changed my life.  Energetically and physically working the pelvic floor can be profound on so many levels.  This is a great modality for women working with fertility, menstruation, and creativity.  


Holistic Yoga Therapy™:

I have had the honor and joy to study with Annie Adamson, the founder of Holistic Yoga Therapy, for well over ten years.  Her work is special because she brings the power of blessing and prayer to the very functional and practical work of moving well.  My work continues to be profoundly affected by her guidance because we share space at Prema Health and by assisting her in her teacher and therapy trainings.  In this work, I offer my clients the insight on how movement and healing can be something that is integrated into life, rather than something that needs to be done separately.  


Energy Work:

I am formally trained in the art of Reiki.  This form of energy work can be very subtle yet powerful.  I cannot help but integrate it into almost every session. It is just part of me.  I continue to be deeply grateful to Steve Nunley for sharing this tradition with me and initiating me into a deep connection to energy and it’s realness in the body.   Although the name can be off-putting for some, consider this.  I recently took a chemistry class  and was reminded that on an atomic level, we are actually made up more of energy than physical particles.  Science shows us that we are energy but we can’t see it so it is hard to believe in this truth.  Think about the electrons in an atom. They are just energy and they take up most of the space in an atom’s structure. Just sayin'...    


Kinesthetic Taping:

Taping can be beneficial after fascial restructuring work to help encourage and support new movement patterns.  It also can offer great support when recovering from a strain or sprain.  The tape offers a layer of support much like an extra layer of superficial fascia. It allows for movement and circulation, unlike an ace bandage or hard brace that can cause stagnation from binding and over-bracing.



Cupping and Scaping are both modalities I learned from my traditional Thai medicine teacher. These methods provide a contrast to deep tissue massage.  When receiving a deep tissue massage, the tissue and fluid gets pushed down and in.  Cupping and scraping do the opposite.  They pull the tissue and fluid up and out.  This approach works well when an area needs blood and fluid flow, and when the tissue is compressed and dense.   


Prema Health is located in the Breathe Building


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