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Mark your calendars! The Winter cleanse at Prema Health is happening the week of January Jan.7th-11th.  Pre-book your post- holiday cleanse now!  Colon Hydrotherapy, Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Infrared Sauna are powerful and synergistic modalities that will help you feel vibrant, light and ready to take on the New Year as you come out of the holiday season. Self care is health care! 


Colon hydrotherapy, simply put, is water therapy for the colon. The repeated actions of adding, warm, filtered water into all segments of the large intestine helps hydrate the bowel in order to remove excess waste. The colon is gently filled and emptied several times during one forty-five minute session and there is no need to leave the table to evacuate the water. The certified colon therapist controls the flow of water in and out of the colon via an FDA colonic device. In the device there is a clear viewing tube (aka, BM TV and the fun part of having a colonic), which makes it possible for the therapist and client to see what is being eliminated. In order to help relax the abdominal muscles and ensure proper irrigation of the colon, colon hydrotherapist are trained to use massage techniques to aid in the effectiveness.


Benefits of colon hydrotherapy are:

  • ​Hydration of the large intestine

  • ​Relieves stagnation by removing waste from the colon

  • ​Contributes to liver and blood cleansing

  • ​Improving bowel mobility

  • ​A kick-start for healthy living

How many colonics will I need?
The amount of treatments is going to vary depending on individual conditions or what their desired out come might be. Often waste is so well lodged and compacted in the colon it may take a series of colonics to adequately hydrate the system. Upon hydration the fecal matter will release. If you are on a detox program, fasting, raw foods or just cleaning up your diet having frequent colonics is a must. Daily or close together is ideal because the body dumps a tremendous amount of toxins during a cleanse and colonics are the best way to keep up with the rapid detox. Once you have done your initial cleanse, a monthly maintenance is an excellent way to keep hydrated and toxins out. A good colonic program would be to start with 12 sessions: Daily or minimum of two the first week (one today/one tomorrow), two the second week and one a week for the next eight weeks. When we clean the colon the body starts to pull toxins out of the tissues and dumping it into the blood stream. It is then processed by the liver and goes back to the colon, which is why the second or daily colon hydrotherapy session is necessary to eliminate the toxic matter rather than have it be reabsorbed. After the four sessions, having one a week slows the detoxification down to a tolerable rate.


Day of Colonic
It is best not to consume liquids or food two hours prior to the appointment. Coming in with a full belly may cause discomfort.

After the treatment
Eat lightly, soups that are veggie based and preferable pureed, fresh veggie juices, steamed veggies, light fish and soft whole grains. Easy to digest foods are best after a colonic to give the digestive system a rest. Try to avoid overly rich, heavy food such as dairy products, red meats, shellfish, processed carbohydrates (white rice, pasta, etc.) fried foods and sugar.


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